Multilingual printable appointment card

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The multilingual appointment card has been developed by Cancer Council Victoria to help culturally and linguistically diverse Australians more easily access healthcare appointments.

Simply fill in your client/patient's and provider's details, select your preferred language, submit and print. Patients can use the card to locate and remember their next appointment more easily.

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This tool has been developed by Cancer Council Victoria for use by health professionals. For all enquiries regarding your appointment, please use the contact information above.

Speak to a cancer nurse in your own language

For the cost of a local call (except from mobile phones), you can talk confidentially to a Cancer Council nurse with the help of an interpreter.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Call 13 14 50, Monday to Friday 9am–5pm.
  2. Say the language you need.
  3. Wait for the interpreter (this may take up to three minutes).
  4. Ask the interpreter to contact the Cancer Council Victoria on 13 11 20.
  5. Talk to the cancer nurse with the help of your interpreter.