Genetics and risk

One in three Australians will develop cancer in their lifetime, so it's not uncommon for members of the same family to develop unrelated cancers.

For a small number of families, an inherited faulty gene means their risk is much higher. If you're concerned about your family's cancer history, call 13 11 20 or talk to your doctor who can refer you to a family cancer centre.

Familial bowel cancer

Learn about genetics and bowel cancer.

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Familial breast cancer

Learn about genetics and breast cancer.

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Familial ovarian cancer

Learn about genetics and ovarian cancer.

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Familial melanoma

Learn about genetics and melanoma.

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Family history of cancer

Learn about what constitutes a risky family history.

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Family cancer centres

Find details of family cancer centres.

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Genetic testing

Learn more about genetic testing and who should consider it.

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Genetic counselling

Learn about genetic counselling at family cancer centres.

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Useful links

Links to external websites about genetics and cancer.

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