Wig service

This program has changed. Please refer to the  COVID-19  page for further information.

Many people find that a well-fitted wig gives them more self-confidence during cancer treatment.

Our wig service is free, private and personalised. We offer an extensive range of synthetic wigs along with headscarves, beanies and cotton caps.

A friendly cancer nurse will help you choose a flattering wig, fit it correctly and give you advice on wig maintenance and care. You're very welcome to bring someone to your appointment for extra support.

Make an appointment

Our wig service is made available by appointment only. To make a time to see us or get more information, call 13 11 20 or email askanurse@cancervic.org.au. We also welcome enquiries from family and friends.

We're located at 615 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. The wig service is open Monday to Friday, 10am - 4pm.

For more information in your own language using an interpreter, call 13 14 50 and ask to speak to Cancer Council Victoria.

Regional wig service

We offer a free postal wig service to people who are affected by cancer-related hair loss. If you live in regional Victoria and are unable to visit us, call 13 11 20 to speak to a cancer nurse who can connect you to our wig service.

Styling headwear with confidence

If you are experiencing cancer-related hair loss, watch tips from experts Dr. Susan Carland and Dianne Haynes on wearing and styling a headscarf or wig.

Benefits of a synthetic wig

Benefits of a synthetic wig

Find out why we recommend wearing a synthetic wig

Fitting a wig

Fitting a wig

Follow our step-by-step guide on fitting a wig

Looking after and styling a wig

Looking after and styling a wig

Learn how to care and style a synthetic wig

Wearing a headscarf

Wearing a headscarf

Learn about materials to use, where to buy and style tips

Styling a rectangle scarf

Styling a rectangle scarf

Follow our step-by-step guide on styling a rectangle shape headscarf

Styling a square scarf

Styling a square scarf

Follow our step-by-step guide on styling a square shape headscarf

Support our wig service

We happily accept the following items in good, clean condition:

  • synthetic wigs
  • head scarves
  • beanies and cotton caps

You can drop your donated items into our wig service or post them to:

Wig Service
Cancer Council Victoria
615 St Kilda Road Melbourne
VIC 3004

Please include contact details with your donation.

Donating your hair

While we don't accept real hair donations, we do have a recommendation for where you can send your lovely locks. Learn more about donating hair.

Other ways you can help

While we don't accept hair donations or offers to make wigs, there are other important ways you can help:

To find out more about supporting or using our wig service call 13 11 20 or email askanurse@cancervic.org.au.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for providing this invaluable service free to cancer patients. Believe it or not, the first wig I chose was ‘the one', it made me feel safe and secure going out into the outside world after I lost my hair. The cancer nurse who looked after me was just wonderful and I left feeling more confident about my cancer journey." - Ruth, wig service client

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