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Cancer Trials Management Scheme Competitive Grants


Cancer Council Victoria and the Victorian Government through the Victorian Cancer Agency are committed to improving participation and reducing inequities in access to cancer clinical trials in Victoria.

By investing in clinical trials, we are fostering innovation in cancer to save lives and ensure equitable access to clinical trials for all Victorians.

Available funding and theme

In 2021, Cancer Council Victoria and the Victorian Cancer Agency have committed  $1.5 million to improve equity of access to clinical trials through capacity building.

Together, Cancer Council Victoria and the Victorian Cancer Agency will fund three $500K projects for a maximum of 3 years.

This funding will be offered to projects that address:

  • an unmet need and
  • build capacity to conduct and recruit to cancer clinical trials in supportive care and/or survivorship. 

Unmet needs:

Unmet needs may apply to a specific institution, clinical speciality or patient population. For example, it may include addressing a gap in research infrastructure and/or expertise in survivorship or supportive care clinical trials and/or working with underrepresented communities.

Populations that are traditionally unrepresented in cancer clinical trials, include:

  • Patients with low survival cancers
  • Regional Victorians
  • Aboriginal Victorians*
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse Victorians
  • Adolescents and young adults with cancer
  • Adults aged over 65 years with cancer

*Please note: projects intending to improve access to clinical trials for Aboriginal Victorians should refer to the additional information provided in the Application Guide.

Capacity building:

Projects must have a clear capacity building focus. This includes ‘capacity building projects’ that seek to improve or strengthen the capacity of a specific institution(s), clinical specialties or individuals (such as early-mid career researchers or researchers in nursing or allied health) to conduct or recruit to clinical trials in cancer survivorship and/or supportive care. For example, capacity building projects may focus on workforce development, education or the application of digital health to improve equity of access to clinical trials. Applications may also focus on a single clinical trial, providing clear capacity building endpoints.


To be eligible for this funding:

  • Investigators must work in the cancer control sector, with an interest and experience in supportive care, survivorship or clinical trials, or be collaborating with an individual or team with experience in these areas;
  • The project must address an unmet need and build capacity to conduct and recruit to cancer clinical trials in supportive care and/or survivorship;
  • Investigators must not be receiving, received or applied for funding from a tobacco industry or any of its agencies or subsidiaries;
  • The project must be led by a Victorian Administering Organisation and the majority of the research must be conducted in Victoria.

Key dates

Applications open: Thursday May 20, 2021

Applications close: Thursday July 15, 2021

Notification of initial assessment / shortlist invitations: Thursday August 19, 2021

Presentation and interview (by invitation only): Thursday September 9, 2021

Shortlisted applicants notified of outcome: Thursday September 23, 2021

Projects commence:  Saturday  January 1,  2022


Cancer Council Victoria personnel will initially screen applications to ensure that eligibility criteria have been met. The assessment committee will assess and rank all submissions against the selection criteria.

The committee membership includes relevant, multidisciplinary expertise and representation, including consumer representation. The committee must act in an ethical manner, declare any perceived on actual conflicts of interest and withdraw from considering applications where such conflict does or may exist.

All applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. The proposed project is feasible, with a sound design, team and infrastructure to meet and sustain the proposed aims and outcomes of the project ( feasibility) (40%)
  2. The project addresses an unmet need and the potential impact of the proposed project is clear, measurable and transferable to the broader cancer clinical trials sector (30%)
  3. The proposed project will build capacity in supportive care and/or cancer survivorship clinical trials ( capacity building) (20%)
  4. There is a demonstrated plan to involve consumers and community throughout the proposed project including in the design, conduct, review, implementation and communication stages of the project ( community involvement) (10%).

View application guide

Consumer and community involvement

For the purpose of this grant scheme, Cancer Council Victoria and the Victorian Cancer Agency require researchers to actively involve consumers and the community in their proposed research. Applicants are strongly encouraged to work with their research offices, applicable philanthropic organisations and relevant advocacy groups to ensure continuous and substantive consumer engagement in their research project.

Question 11 of the application form asks applicants to describe how consumers have been involved in the development of the project proposal and how they will be involved throughout the duration of the project. Applications will be deemed ineligible for funding if Question 11 of the application form is not satisfactorily completed. Consumer and community involvement will contribute 10% of the overall score of your application.

Links to information on involving consumers and community in projects have been provided in the Application Guide



All recipients will be required to submit annual reports describing their progress against pre-determined project milestones, in a format provided by Cancer Council Victoria. Interim reports may also be requested at 6 months, 18 months and 30 months, if required. A final report detailing any outputs and publications arising from the project will be requested at the end of the project and may be published on the Cancer Council Victoria and/or the Victorian Cancer Agency website/s.


All funding recipients are required to acknowledge support from Cancer Council Victoria and the Victorian Cancer Agency in all publications, presentations and media announcements produced in relation to this funding. Cancer Council Victoria or the Victorian Cancer Agency may, from time to time, specify how this support should be acknowledged.


If you are successful in your application for funding, your Administering Organisation will need to certify that you have the relevant approvals and insurances to undertake the project. This may include Site Specific Approval, Human Research Ethics Approval and Liability Insurance. The project will not commence until all relevant approvals and insurances have been provided.

Administering Organisation role

The Administering Organisation guarantees that the infrastructure required to support the project is available and provides the administrative framework through which applications are received and payments are made. All applications must be submitted via the Administering Organisations Research Administration Officer.

Should your application be successful, the Administering Organisation is required to enter into a funding agreement with Cancer Council Victoria. The conditions in the agreement cover the standard grants contract areas including acknowledgment, intellectual property, reporting requirements etc.

Funding Agreement

By applying for this grant:

  • You and your Administering Organisation acknowledge that you have readthe funding agreement supplied; and

  • you and your Administering Organisation agree to the terms set in this agreement, for the purpose of applying for, and (if successful) receiving, funding from Cancer Council Victoria.

View  funding agreement

Application process

The application process will be a two-stage process:

Stage 1: Written application

An assessment committee will review and assess applications against the criteria outlined under the assessment section of these guidelines. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to the second-stage presentation and interview.

Stage 2: Presentation and interview

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to formally present to the assessment committee, followed by a question and answer session. Additional information/instructions will be provided to shortlisted applicants if they are invited to progress to stage two of this grant round.

Full details of the application process can be found in the Application Guide.

Curriculum Vitae

All investigators on the project are required to provide a copy of their CV. Each CV must be limited to 3 pages, using a minimum font size of Arial 11. The following headings should be used:

  1. Personal statement
    Cancer Council Victoria and Victorian Cancer Agency are committed to ensuring researchers with a variety of career experiences and those who have had career disruptions are not disadvantaged in applying for grants. Briefly describe why you are well suited for your role(s) on the project. This could include relevant training, interest in a topic, work experience or networks. If applicable outline any career disruptions that you have experienced. A career disruption may be due to pregnancy, major illness/injury and/or carer responsibilities and may involve a continuous absence from work or continuous long-term part-time employment.
  2. Qualifications
    Provide a list of your relevant qualifications. For each entry include the name and location of the institution, the degree awarded, the field of study and an end date.
  3. Positions and honours
    List in chronological order, the positions you have held that are relevant to this application, concluding with your present position.
  4. Grant funding

Government, philanthropic or other support relevant to the current application. Please include the project title, details of your role on the project, amount of funding and years funded. 


  1. Salary
    All requests for salary must be justified. There is a section in the full application for applicants to justify these types of expenses in their budget. Salary requests for personnel must be commensurate with the award negotiated with the applicant’s institution.  Cancer Council Victoria and the Victorian Cancer Agency reserve the right to allocate funding levels which may be less than those requested in the application, and duration of funding which may differ from that requested.
  2. On costs
    For the purposes of this project, on costs for salaries are capped at 14%.
  3. Equipment and other costs

Required to meet the aims, milestones and anticipated outcomes of your project.

Other funding sources

Cancer Council Victoria and the Victorian Cancer Agency will not provide financial assistance to support projects that have been, or are likely to be, supported by funding obtained from another source (including other Cancer Council Victoria, Victorian Cancer Agency and/or Victorian Department of Health funding). You will be required to decline or relinquish one of the grants (or part of) if you are successful in obtaining funding for duplicate components. Details of the projects that have been or are likely to be supported by funding from another source are to be provided on the full application, including:

  • The organisation (funding body);
  • The aims and objectives of the project;
  • Investigators involved;
  • The similarities and differences between the applications; and
  • The expected date of the funding decision (if applicable).

Download application form


Please submit completed applications and investigator CVs to: Grants@cancervic.org.au

By: COB on Thursday  July 15, 2021.

As: a PDF document, named in the following format
2021_surname_first name_CTMS application
For example: ‘2021_Smith_Jane_CTMS application’.


If you have any questions about this funding, please contact:   

Dorani Lacey
Research Governance & Optimal Care Unit
03 9514 6319

Past Recipients

In 2017, we awarded over $2.3 million in Cancer Trials Management Scheme competitive grant funding to the University of Melbourne (on behalf of Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre), Western Health and Border Medical Oncology Research Unit (on behalf of the Regional Trial Network – Victoria) to grow their trials program and improve access to clinical trials.

View details of past recipients


Victorian State Government

This funding was made available by Cancer Council Victoria and the Victorian Government through the Victorian Cancer Agency