Grants-in-Aid applications

Opening date:

   6 March 2019

Closing dates:

   8 May 2019 (NHMRC RGMS)

   22 May 2019 (Supplementary Questions)

From 2019, Cancer Council Victoria grants will be assessed and ranked via the NHMRC Ideas Grant Scheme process.

Individual institutions often have earlier closing dates for the submission of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) applications to their Research Administration Office (RAO).

The final funding decision for Grants-in-Aid commencing 2020 remains with Cancer Council Victoria.

The Guidance and Supplementary Questions are available from links in the section below. 

**Please note: an amended version of the Supplementary Questions form was published on 1 May 2019. Please ensure that the amended Supplementary Questions Form is used for your application**  

2019 initiatives

  • Cancer Council Victoria is co-funding with Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation a grant focusing on improving outcomes for ovarian cancer. Victorian researchers are required to comply with Grants-in-Aid application criteria. Information on how to apply are available in the Guide to applicants and Instructions to completing the Supplementary Questions Form.
  • In recognition of the national fundraising efforts of Box Rallies’ events, Cancer Council NSW has established a new category open to all Australian cancer researchers. Applicants are required to comply with Cancer Council NSW Project Grant application criteria, visit Cancer Council NSW or email
  • Cancer Council Victoria has additional funding provided by the Victorian Government through the Victorian Cancer Agency to support projects investigating low survival cancers. Victorian researchers are required to comply with Grants-in-Aid application criteria.

How to apply

Applications to Cancer Council Victoria consist of:

1. Application to NHMRC using its Research Grants Management System (RGMS) through the Ideas Grants Scheme. Visit NHMRC for details.

  • Select 'Cancer Council' as one of the funding options in RGMS. Failure to do so will mean NHMRC is unable to forward any of your application documents to Cancer Council Victoria.
  • Applicants ineligible to apply to NHMRC are still eligible to apply to Cancer Council Victoria

2. Complete Supplementary Questions as per instructions and forward to

Application Documents

Guide to applicants

Instructions to completing the Supplementary Questions Form

Please note: The link for the Supplementary Questions Form below is an amended version. It includes a change to Question 15 – specifically the period 2014-18 which now states 2015-2019. Please use this copy of the form to apply.

Supplementary Questions Form

Full information about process, forms and timelines for all state Cancer Councils


For enquiries about the NHMRC application process contact:

NHMRC's Research Help Centre
Ph: 1800 500 983

For enquiries about applications to Cancer Council Victoria contact:

Ms Dorani Lacey
Cancer Council Victoria