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Victorian Cancer Registry

The Victorian Cancer Registry (VCR) is recognised as an innovative leader in the collection and provision of data for cancer control nationally and internationally.

Established in 1939, we are the longest running comprehensive cancer registry in Australia and among the oldest continuously operating registries in the world.

About us

Learn about the Victorian Cancer Registry, what it does and who it helps.

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Fact sheets and annual reports

We analyse and publish reports about specific tumours and cancer trends.

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Accessing and requesting data

Find out how we can provide data and to whom.

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VCR interactive data cube

Directly interact with the most contemporary Victorian cancer data.

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Data access costs

Learn about the costs involved in recovering and supplying data.

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Legal and governance framework

Find out how the data we collect and store is governed, and how you can access it.

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Data linkage services

Learn how to access linked health data about people with cancer in Victoria.

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Recruitment and research studies

Find out about our research projects and innovative research studies.

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Contact us

If you'd like to know more, you can contact us directly.

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