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Victorian Cancer Registry

About the Victorian Cancer Registry

We keep a record of people with cancer in Victoria. We analyse data, conduct and support research, and provide a service to Victoria’s Family Cancer Centres.

Under the legislation Improving Cancer Outcomes Act 2014, it is mandatory for health services, including pathology laboratories in Victoria to report to us all cancer diagnoses. On receiving the cancer information, we collate the data by person and tumour streams ensuring information is up-to-date and complete. This information is used to understand how cancer is distributed and has changed over time in Victoria.

Currently, about 240 hospitals and 30 pathology laboratories notify us of cancer cases. Cancer screening registers are also required to notify us of all cancers they diagnose. We then link with a number of other databases and registries such as the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, the National Death Index and government databases to ensure the data is best used to assist researchers and policy developers.

You can request a list of data items we collect through our Data Access Form.

Our services

Data captured is used to support our specialist services:

  • The Data Analytics Service - providing a statistical support for research we have conducted. The Data Analytics Service produces a range of publications, including the annual report and fact sheets and supports researchers using our data.
  • The VCR Data Linkage Service - linking our data with other datasets to support registry operation, research, development of policies, health service planning and program evaluation.
  • The VCR Recruitment Service - working collaboratively with researchers to recruit patients to research projects aimed at improving their outcomes and/or cancer management in the future.
  • The VCR Family Cancer Program - supporting the work of Victoria’s Family Cancer Centres by providing a pedigree cancer verification service to these services. Cancer information delivered by our Pedigree Cancer Verification Service helps clinicians to make an accurate cancer risk assessment and provide patients with the best advice on surveillance and management choices. It also helps patients make informed decisions on how to manage their risk of developing cancer.
  • The Victorian Cancer Biobank (VCB) - coordinated by us, the VCB is a consortium consisting of Cancer Council Victoria as the lead agency and five major health precincts across Melbourne. The VCB provides biospecimens, clinical data and related services to facilitate cancer research in Victoria, nationally and globally, with the aim of delivering better clinical outcomes for patients affected by cancer.


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