Our Cancer Epidemiology & Intelligence Division conducts a broad range of research aimed at identifying the factors that contribute to the development of cancer, and those that protect against cancer.

It comprises a multidisciplinary team of epidemiologists, statisticians, dieticians, data managers and support staff, committed to understanding how to improve our health.

Areas of focus are:

Research programs

Health 2020

Long-term study of 40,000 Melbournians

Nutritional epidemiology

Focus on dietary assessment

Forgotten Cancers Project

Research into less common cancers

Dietary questionnaires

A nutrition assessment tool for research


Investigating the causes of kidney

Prostate cancer

Characterising prostate cancer genes 


Investigating the causes of multiple myeloma


Investigating the risk factors for follicular lymphoma

Australian Breakthrough Cancer (ABC) Study

Long term study of 50,000 Australians, investigating the causes of cancer and other diseases.

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Using wearable technology activity monitors to help get breast cancer survivors active.