Cancer information

What is cancer?

Where cancer starts, how it spreads, common risk factors and symptoms.

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Types of cancer

Explore our A-Z list of cancer types, with information on diagnosis and treatment.

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Learn about cancer treatments and find your local treatment centre.

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Cancer Screening and Early Detection

Early detection offers one of the best chances of cure.

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One third of cancers can be prevented. Discover simple lifestyle changes that can help reduce your risk. Read more

Rare and less common cancers

A cancer is rare or less common when it only affects a small number of people.

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Advanced cancer

Advanced cancer usually can’t be cured, but it can often be controlled.

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Genetics and risk

For some families, an inherited faulty gene means their risk of cancer is much higher.

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Children, teens and young adults

No matter what age a child is, a cancer diagnosis will have a big effect on them.

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Aboriginal communities

Cancer information and support services for Victorian Aboriginal communities.

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LGBTIQ+ communities

Cancer information and support services for LGBTIQ+ communities.

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Easy English resources

Every Victorian should have equal access to cancer information and support that they understand. Read more

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Questions about cancer?

Call or email our experienced cancer nurses for information and support.

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