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中文 (Chinese)


(Cancer information and support for people who speak Chinese)

患癌对您和您的家人来说很辛苦 但您并非孤军奋战。我们在这里为您提供支持  


Cancer Council Victoria 多项免费的 支持服务 为您提供帮助 我们还可以帮助您 联系维多利亚州各地适合您的其他支持服务。您不了解有哪些服务项目也没有关系,我们可以提供建议来帮助  





下表中,我们还有许多经 NAATI 认证翻译的资源  




如需用英语交谈 请拨打 13 11 20。  

如需用 中文 通过口译员与我们交谈,请拨打 13 14 50。  

打通电话后,请说出您所需的语言,然后让口译员转接到 Cancer Council, 电话为: 13 11 20。  


Cancer is hard for you and your family, but you are not alone. We are here to support you.

Anyone can contact us with questions about cancer, prevention, treatment, and support services, including family, friends, and carers.

Cancer Council Victoria has many free support services here to help you.  We can also help connect you with other support services anywhere in Victoria that are right for you. It’s okay if you don’t know what services are available, we can suggest things to help.

We can help with:


Information in your language

You can read or listen to translations in most community languages on our website using the accessibility toolbar on the top right corner of the page and selecting your language. The toolbar can also assist people with a vision or hearing impairment or learning disability.

We also have NAATI accredited translations of many of our resources in the table below.

Contact us in your language

Contact us by 

  • messaging us on social media
  • sending us an email
  • calling us.

Anyone can contact us, including friends and family members. It is free and confidential.

Call 13 11 20 to speak in English.

Call 13 14 50 to speak to us in your language using an interpreter. 

When you call, say the name of your language, then ask the interpreter to call Cancer Council on 13 11 20.

We cannot offer individual medical advice.




(Cancer Information and Resources)

以下信息由 经过 NAATI 认证的专业译员翻译。请将这些链接随时分享给您的朋友和家人。  

如果此处没有您要查找的信息,请 与我们联系 寻求帮助  

您也可以下载简明版或 Easy Read 资源。这些资源适合残障人士、老年人或有读写困难需要帮助的人士 

要查看下列文件,您需要安裝 Adobe Acrobat Reader。免費下載

The following information has been professionally translated by accredited NAATI translators. Please feel free to share these links with your friends and family.  

If the information you are looking for is not here, please contact us for help.  

You can also download resources in Easy English. These are suitable for people with disability, older people or people with literacy support needs.  

繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)

简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)

English equivalents 

 癌症:您瞭解嗎? and videos


Cancer: Did you know? (Traditional) and videos

Cancer: Did you know? (Simplified)



What is cancer? 
 您的 COVID-19 行動計畫

您的 COVID-19 行动计划

Your COVID-19 Action Plan

 癌症患者和護理 人員的 Telehealth 服務


癌症患者和护理 人员的 Telehealth 服务

Telehealth for cancer patients and carers (Traditional)

Telehealth for cancer patients and carers (Simplified) 

  照顾癌症患者 Caring for someone with cancer
  疲劳与癌症 Fatigue and cancer
 以下的支持服務或可協助您   The following support services may assist you
 Multilingual Cancer Glossary


Multilingual Cancer Glossary

Multilingual Cancer Glossary
A glossary of over 700 cancer terms
 康復ウ路: ッ結束癌症治療者須知


康复┱路: 结束癌症治疗者须知

On the road to recovery: Information for people who have finished cancer treatment (Includes Mandarin and Cantonese videos and audio)

 簡單的大腸 檢測可以救 您一命


简单的肠 化验或可 挽救生命

A simple bowel test could save your life (National Bowel Cancer Screening Program)
  早日发现肠癌可以挽救您的生命 Finding bowel cancer early can save your life
  您的肝脏是否如您所想 的那样健康? Ask your doctor for a hepatitis B test



Hepatitis B and liver cancer



Treatment for hepatitis B



Hospital visitor restrictions



Preventing weight loss


Cervical screening is a good way to stay healthy for you and your family