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Limit Alcohol

Alcohol causes at least seven types of cancer, including cancer of the: mouth, throat (pharynx and larynx), oesophagus, liver, breast and bowel. Yet many Australians are unaware of this link.

Our latest campaign aims to increase Victorians’ aware of the link between alcohol and cancer and encourage them to reduce their drinking to reduce their risk of cancer and serious harm.

Spread: Alcohol causes cancer. Reduce your drinking to reduce your risk


Ways alcohol causes cancer

Learn the facts on alcohol and your health.

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Defining a standard drink

Find out what a standard drink is and why it is important.

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Tips to reduce your drinking

Tips that will improve your health and hip pocket.

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Drinking alcohol when you have cancer

If you have cancer, we have services to support you.

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Questions about cancer?

Call or email our experienced cancer nurses for information and support.

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