Corporate volunteering

Corporate or employee volunteering is one way organisations can get involved in Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. These have been growing in popularity, and can help build a more committed, engaged, creative and energetic workplace.

Organisations that engage in corporate volunteering actively encourage their staff to volunteer. Individuals often feel rewarded if they're given a chance to make a positive difference in their communities. Flow-on benefits can include better teamwork, leadership development and increased staff loyalty and morale.

As we are keen to match volunteers with activities and projects, we encourage prospective corporate volunteers of groups of 8 or less to register their interest below:

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We also currently offer placements at our Warehouse in Laverton North for small teams (groups of 2-4) to assist with logistics around our upcoming campaigns.

Please contact or call (03) 9514 6100 for further details.

For larger groups interested in getting involved, please consider supporting our events and programs listed on our fundraising page.

Further details for organisations wanting to assist Cancer Council Victoria and join the fight against cancer can also be found on our corporate supporter page