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Fact sheets and annual reports

We analyse and report the data we receive from hospitals, radiotherapy centres and pathology providers.  We provide the most contemporary population statistics on cancer incidence and mortality, globally.

We have been capturing data on cancer incidence since 1940 and are among the oldest continuously operating registries in the world and the longest running comprehensive cancer registry in Australia. Our team prides itself on the timely publication of cancer information.

Annual statistical reports

Each year, we produce a detailed statistical report on trends in cancer presentation, incidence, survival and mortality. 

We contribute our data to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s Cancer in Australia report. 

Cancer fact sheets

Data from the registry has been used to develop cancer fact sheets. These fact sheets are updated annually and provide population-level statistics on diagnosis and five-year relative survival by cancer type, and change that has been made over the past 30+ years.


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