Donating your hair

We are often contacted by generous people wishing to donate their hair to help cancer patients experiencing hair loss, especially when people are shaving or cutting their hair to raise funds for Cancer Council.

However, we don't accept real hair donations because we don’t use real hair wigs. This is because these wigs cost thousands of dollars to make. 

We provide free synthetic wigs to cancer patients experiencing treatment-related hair loss.  Synthetic wigs are much more cost-effective, easier to wash and look after, and allow us to provide free wigs to even more Victorians.

Learn more about our free  wig service or shaving your hair to raise funds for Cancer Council.

Where to donate your hair

We recommend donating your hair to Sustainable Salons – a social enterprise that repurposes salon materials to avoid waste and benefit the community. Sustainable Salons accepts hair donations (natural or coloured) of 20cm or longer and works with organisations like the Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation and Variety – the Children’s Charity to distribute your hair to people experiencing hair loss as a result of illness.

Preparing your hair

1. Wash and dry your hair. Do not apply any styling product.

2. Section your hair into small ponytails around your head and secure with elastics. Tie the elastic 1-2cm down from where you will cut. Secure each ponytail tightly, plait the full length of the ponytail, and secure again at the bottom.

3. Measure your ponytail. Hair donations must be 20cm or longer (measuring between the elastics) to be used to create a wig.

4. Cut hair 1-2cm above the elastic. Keep the ponytail flat and dry.

5. Seal the ponytail in a snap lock bag.

6. Place in an envelope and mail to: Sustainable Salons - Ponytails, GPO Box 322, Sydney NSW 2001

For more information visit the Sustainable Salons website.

Shaving or cutting your hair to raise funds 

You can shave your head, colour your hair or say goodbye to your beard - it's up to you. When you raise funds for Cancer Council Victoria, we'll send you a free host kit to help you get started. You'll also get your own fundraising page to share with your friends.

You'll be raising awareness and funds for our cancer research, prevention programs and support services.

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After losing her brother and aunty to cancer, Rosie wanted to make a difference – so she decided on a new ‘do. “I was inspired to shave my head and raise money for Cancer Council because I wanted to raise awareness, funds for research and spread some hope."

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