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Star researchers, past and present include:

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Prof. David Hill, AO

A behavioural scientist of international standing whose career at Cancer Council Victoria spanned 44 years. Read more

Prof. Donald Metcalf

His research over 5 decades has led to a bold new cancer therapy. He discovered, isolated and then produced agents called Colony Stimulating Factors (CSFs), which are naturally occurring regulators of bone marrow growth. Read more

Prof. Ron Borland

The Nigel Gray Distinguished Fellow in Cancer Prevention. Joined us as a Behavioural Scientist in 1986, and was inaugural Director of the VicHealth Cente for Tobacco Control, before taking on current position. Read more

Prof. Melanie Wakefield

Director of the Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer and an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, with extensive experience evaluating tobacco control policies and programs

Read more

Prof. Graham Giles

Joined as Director of our Victorian Cancer Registry in 1983. In 1986, he was appointed Director of the Cancer Epidemiology Centre, and in 2001 became Deputy Director of the Cancer Control Research Institute.

Read more

Dr Michelle Scollo

Dr Michelle Scollo is the senior policy adviser on tobacco at Cancer Council Victoria. Michelle’s research has focussed on the economics of tobacco control. Read more

Professor Gail Risbridger PhD

Professor Gail Risbridger has twice been awarded grants by the Cancer Council. She has investigated the role of oestrogens in prostate malignancy and the early origins of prostate cancer. Read more

Assoc Prof Robin Anderson

Wednesday 5 December 2012
"I had a life-changing experience with an event of cancer in the family. At the time I didn't really know what cancer was and I was determined to apply my scientific skills to learn more about the disease," she said. Read more

Dr John Colebatch (AO) 1909-2005

Remembered for his pioneering clinical research in paediatric haematology. Read more
Total 14 articles in this section.
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