What does the Victorian Cancer Registry do?

The Victorian Cancer Registry (VCR) is a population-based cancer registry aiming to provide comprehensive, accurate and timely information for cancer control and prevention. Currently, about 240 hospitals and 30 pathology laboratories notify us of cancer cases. Cancer screening registers are also required to notify us of all cancers. 

Victorian Cancer Registry brochure

information about:

  • Who can access the data?
  • How do I access my own data?
  • What is the information on the registry used for?

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What data is collected?

We record all invasive cancers, in-situ carcinomas, benign tumours and tumours of uncertain behaviour. Basal cell carcinomas or skin cancers are not recorded. A minimum amount of information is collected for every cancer case to maximise data accuracy. For each cancer case, we record:

  • Demographics (including patient name, address, DOB) and
  • Tumour details (including site, morphology, grade, behaviour, date of diagnosis).

Each year, we process over 100,000 new cancer notifications, relating to around 30,000 new tumours. The registry now holds information on nearly 1 million tumours diagnosed in Victorians over more than
30 years.

Our Reportable Cancers – Guide to the identification of cancers reportable to the Victorian Cancer Registry provides an overview of the data we collect, reporting requirements and which cancers are notifiable.

How is data registered?

We collect information on all cancer diagnosis in Victorian residents. Currently, 75% of cancer notifications are received electronically. All data is processed and stored within the registry database, PrecisTM Central. All aspects of data processing involve quality checking to maximise data accuracy.

What type of data can we provide?

We can provide interactive online statistics and graphs or customised figures and tables.

We can also provide print and electronic copies of VCR publications for research.

Anyone can contact the registry to request personal information and/or to access their records. Researchers may access identified, patient-specific cancer information provided ethics approval has been granted from a recognised and relevant Human Research Ethics Committee.

How can the data be used?

We support cancer control by releasing data for:

  • monitoring cancer in Victoria (survival, new cases and deaths)
  • cancer research (clinical, epidemiological and behavioural)
  • national and international comparison and benchmarking
  • health services planning and research
  • evaluating clinical care (quality of clinical care)
  • population-based cancer screening planning and evaluation (e.g. by BreastScreen and PapScreen)
  • prevention program planning and evaluation (e.g. by SunSmart and Quit).

For more information about how to access and use VCR data, see data access for research.

The Victorian Cancer Registry is supported by the Victorian Government

The Victorian Cancer Registry is supported by the Victorian Government.

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