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We have a range of free information and support services to help you manage the impact of cancer.

Talk to a cancer nurse

Speak to one of our experienced and understanding cancer nurses for information and support you can trust. Call a cancer nurse

Be informed about cancer

Cancer Types

Cancer is a disease of the cells, which are the body’s basic building blocks. View all cancer types


Understand more about treatments that you may undertake. Find your local treatment centre in metropolitan and regional Victoria. View all treatments

Advanced cancer

Thursday 1 December 2016
Find out more about advanced cancer including what it is, how it is treated, what might happen and what support is available. Read more

Children, teens and young adults

Tuesday 25 March 2014
Understand more about when cancer is diagnosed in children, teen and young adults and how to manage the needs of the child, family, friends and community. Read more

Genetics & risk

Understand more about the role genetics has in cancer risk and how to find out more if you are concerned about a family history of cancer. Read more

Practical support

Family and friends

Understand more about supporting someone affected by cancer including family, friends and work colleagues. Read more

Connect and learn

Connect with others as well as participate in our free education programs offered in metropolitan and regional Victoria. Read more

Legal and financial

Having cancer can raise financial and legal issues that can be challenging. Cancer Council provides a variety of support programs and information to assist you. Read more


Sunday 1 January 2017
A cancer diagnosis can create challenges to your ability to work. Workplaces are often unsure of how to create a fair and supportive workplace, and employees are often unsure of their rights and responsibilities. Read more

Facing end of life

Understand more about what might happen physically, the emotional impact of knowing you are dying and how to prepare for death. Read more

Aboriginal communities

Cancer information and support services for Victorian Aboriginal communities. Read more

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Cancer services Guide

This guide is an essential resource for people affected by cancer, including their family, friends and carers

View the guide

Managing my wellbeing

Common side effects

Cancer and its treatment can result in a range of side effects. Find out more about common side effects and ways to manage them. Read more


Friday 1 January 2016
Understand the common reactions people have when they are diagnosed with cancer and suggestions for adjusting to the diagnosis. Read more


Friday 1 April 2016
Learn about the importance of exercise and its benefits during and after cancer treatment. Includes tips and example exercise techniques. Read more


Saturday 1 April 2017
Understand the grief experienced when losing someone close to you and find out ways to live with the loss. Read more

Holidays and travel

Getting away on holiday and spending time with friends and family is important. Find out about our Holiday Break program, travel insurance and tips for managing special occasions and celebrations. Read more

Learning to relax

Tuesday 1 March 2016
Tips for ways to cope with the emotional impact of cancer. Read more

Life after treatment

Wednesday 1 April 2015
Information to assist you with the emotional, physical, practical, spiritual and social challenges you may face now that treatment has finished. Read more


Sunday 1 May 2016
Understand more about nutrition and eating well during and after cancer treatment. Read more

Sexuality and intimacy

Sunday 1 May 2016
Information and tips for people with cancer and their partners to help understand and deal with the ways cancer and its treatment may affect your sexuality. Read more

Intimacy counselling

Find out more about our free, confidential counselling with medical specialists trained in intimacy, body image, sexual confidence and relationships. Available to all those facing cancer and their partners, including members of the LGBTQI community. Read more

Wig service

Our wig service is free, private and personalised. We offer an extensive range of synthetic wigs along with headscarves, beanies and cotton caps. Read more

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