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Dry July

Go alcohol-free in July and raise funds for Cancer Council Victoria

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What is Dry July?

Dry July is a month-long fundraising campaign that helps support people affected by cancer. Run by the Dry July Foundation, the Dry July campaign challenges people to refrain from drinking alcohol during the 31 days of July.

By participating in this challenge, you can:

  • Reap the great health benefits of abstaining from alcohol for a month
  • Raise vital funds for cancer patients as they go through treatment
  • Support vital services for people affected by cancer and their families

Sign up to support Cancer Council this Dry July

Dry July - Cancer Council Victoria Team


31 days

Of alcohol-free fundraising

$43 million +

Raised for people with cancer


Participants in the last 4 years


How to take part in Dry July 

Taking part in Dry July is easy. Sign up as an individual or team supporting Cancer Council Victoria and get started on your fundraising efforts!

Step 1

Sign up to the challenge with CCV

Step 2

Ask for donations from family, friends, and workmates

Step 3

Don’t drink alcohol in July

Step 4

Help people affected by cancer

Sign up to support Cancer Council this Dry July

Learn about how alcohol affects the body

Dry July is an important time to reflect on the potential that alcohol has for damage in the body. You can learn more about alcohol and cancer by visiting our articles below. 

Frequently asked questions about Dry July

How does Dry July work?

Dry July is one of the most recognisable fundraising campaigns in Australia. The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Sign up as a team or individual
  2. Raise funds for cancer patients
  3. Stop drinking during July

If there is a special occasion in July that you need to attend, you can always buy a Golden Ticket. For the cost of $25, you’ll get a night off, allowing you to enjoy yourself while still making a difference.

How does raising funds for Dry July help people affected by cancer?

When you raise funds for people affected by cancer, you are contributing to supporting invaluable services for cancer patients. These supports include:

  1. Transport to life-saving appointments
  2. Guidance from specialist nurses
  3. Connection to better information sources
  4. Access to new therapy programs
  5. Beds closer to treatment

All funds raised by Dry July go towards Australians affected by cancer. With your help during this Dry July challenge, we can face cancer together.

What are the benefits of going alcohol-free in July?

Taking a month off alcohol goes a lot further than your fundraising efforts. There are dozens of personal benefits related to taking an extended break from consuming alcohol, including:

  1. More energy during the day
  2. Better sleep at night
  3. Lower risk of disease
  4. Improvement in existing conditions
  5. Lower blood sugar and blood pressure

Lessening the amount of alcohol you consume is always a good thing. With Dry July, you can reap the benefits while contributing to a great cause.