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Support groups

What is a cancer support group?

Cancer support groups provide an opportunity for people affected by cancer to meet for discussions in an emotionally supportive environment. Groups may also choose to engage in fundraising, advocacy, practical support or social and educational activities, according to the wants and needs of members. 

Group members can discuss the impacts of diagnosis and treatment and access evidence-based information for themselves and for families and carers. 

Cancer support groups are often a place of social connections, where people can learn not only to live with cancer but also to enjoy life during and after their treatment. 

Support groups meet at locations and times that suit their particular members and offer activities determined by group members. Some groups have a specific-cancer focus (for example, a focus on breast or prostate cancer) while others are open to people affected by any type of cancer. Groups can also choose to focus on people sharing other characteristics, for example ethnicity or age group. 

Every group is different so people thinking of attending a group are advised to try a few to find one that is a good fit for their needs. Cancer Council Victoria’s nurses can help you find a group that matches what you are looking for and put you in contact with the leader so you can find out more before you go - you can contact them on 13 11 20.  You can also use this search tool to find out about groups that might meet your needs. 

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