Victorian Cancer Registry

The Victorian Cancer Registry (VCR) is recognised as an innovative leader in the collection and provision of data for cancer control nationally and internationally. The VCR was established in 1939 as the first cancer registry in Australia with voluntary cancer notifications from major teaching hospitals in and around Melbourne.

What does the Victorian Cancer Registry do?

We provide access to cancer data and statistics for improved cancer control.

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Stats & data

Between 1986 and 2015, five-year survival rates increased from 48% to 68%. See data on how cancer impacts our communities and the trends we are looking out for.

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Data access for research

When information is needed we support researchers with access to our data.

VCR publications & reports

VCR provides a large and valuable research dataset, published in a timely manner.

Victorian Cancer Registry E-Path Project

E-Path aims to improve the accuracy, and timeliness of cancer reporting in Victoria.

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The Victorian Cancer Registry (VCR) values your feedback and welcomes all questions. Call us on +61 3 9514 6200 or email us.

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