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Determining how a novel protein controls cell shape and cancer progression

Lead researcher

A/Prof Helena Richardson, A/Prof Patrick Humbert, Prof Josef Penninger

La Trobe University

Tumour type:
Lung, pancreatic

Years funded

What is the project?

We have discovered a new protein and shown how it is important in restraining tumour growth in models of cancer, and how low expression correlates with poor prognosis in lung and pancreatic cancer. In this proposal we will determine the role of this suppressor in regulating cell shape and how it cooperates in cancer progression.

What are you trying to achieve?

This project will determine how a new protein that we have shown to contribute to cancer progression affects cell shape, tissue structure and communication pathways important for cancer development. The outcomes of this project might reveal a new cancer biomarker and lead to the identification of novel therapeutic approaches to combat particular cancers.

Funding Body

Cancer Council Victoria Research Grant