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Striving for a cancer-free future

A novel treatment for heart failure in cancer and with chemotherapy

Lead researcher

Dr Kate Murphy, Prof John Silke, Prof Gordon Lynch, Prof Leanne Delbridge

The University of Melbourne

Tumour type:

Years funded

What is the project?

We will test the therapeutic potential of novel antibodies for reducing the heart failure associated with many cancers and chemotherapeutics. Our results will lead to better treatment approaches and improved health outcomes for cancer patients.

What are you trying to achieve?

There is an urgent need to treat the heart failure associated with many cancers, and to prevent the toxic effects that chemotherapies can have on the heart. We discovered that a certain type of signalling contributes to skeletal muscle wasting and weakness in cancer. This proposal will investigate whether this signalling pathway is similarly implicated in the development of heart failure in cancer and with chemotherapy, and whether blocking this pathway can improve health outcomes.

Funding Body

Cancer Council Victoria Research Grant