Evaluating molecular biomarkers of anal cancer risk

Lead researcher

Prof Suzanne Garland, Prof Sepehr Tabrizi, A/Prof Richard Hillman, Dr Alyssa Cornall, Dr Fengyi Jin, Dr Jennifer Roberts, Dr Isobel Poynten, Dr Monica Molano, Dr Dorothy Machalek

The University of Melbourne

Years funded

Anal cancer is an increasingly common cancer in people with HIV in Australia and comparable industrialised nations, and there are no standardised recommendations for preventative screening or treatment of pre-cancerous high-grade anal lesions. This study aims to find more accurate and sensitive tests for better management of patients that are more likely to develop cancer.

Funding Body

Cancer Council Research Grant


$92,660 in 2017, $92,660 in 2018 and $44,111 in 2019