Current research projects

Consumer warnings to counter tobacco reassurance marketing

Effect of pack size on cigarette consumption

IMPACT study

Responses to e-cigarette advertising

Identifying levels and types of emotion that maximise effectiveness of anti-smoking ads, especially in low socio-economic smokers

Tobacco retail monitoring studies 

Analyses of Australian national surveys on tobacco attitudes and practices

Experimental studies of tobacco plain packaging

Pre-testing and evaluation of Quit Victoria mass media campaigns

Long-term monitoring

Victorian adult smoking population surveys

Australian secondary student smoking behaviours

Victorian secondary student smoking attitudes and behaviours

Completed projects

Silent salesman observation study 

National tobacco plain packaging tracking survey

Responses of secondary school students to tobacco plain packaging and larger graphic health warnings

Pre-testing and evaluation of mass media communications in low and middle income countries

Influence of narrative content and context of anti-smoking public health messages

Impact of tobacco control campaigns on adult quitting and adolescent smoking in Australia

Impact of tobacco control campaigns on adult smoking in Australia: serial cross sectional surveys

News coverage of tobacco control issues: trends and effects

Pre-testing of tobacco control advertisements with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adult smokers

Strengthening the efficacy of smoke-free policies: implications for outdoor smoking bans

Understanding effects of tobacco control campaigns on low socioeconomic smokers in the United States