Tobacco control research & evaluation

Research areas

Adult and adolescent smoking attitudes and behaviours

This program of research tracks changes in adolescent and adult smoking attitudes and behaviours over time in Australia and in the state of Victoria.  The research program also examines differences in smoking attitudes and behaviours between specific population subgroups.

Current research



Media and tobacco

This research program is examining the impact of mass medica campaigns broadcast by tobacco control agencies, tobacco companies and pharmaceutical companies on smoking attitudes and behaviour.  It includes research on the response of consumers to different kinds of anti-smoking ads.  This research program also includes studies monitoring news coverage on tobacco issues and the effects of this coverage on smoking attitudes and behaviour, as well as smoking in the movies.

Current research



Tobacco advertising, promotion and packaging

This program of research focuses on the effects of tobacco advertising and promotion and the impact of restrictions on these marketing efforts, including at the point of sale.  Tobacco packaging is studies as one form of tobacco marketing, and studies on the effects of graphic health warnings and plain packaging are also included in here.

Current research



Smoke-free policies

This research program studies the effect of smoke-free policies in the hospitality industry on smoking behaviour, on customer patronage of restaurants and bars, and on exposure of non-smokers to secondhand smoke.


Other tobacco control policy research

This research program includes studies of the effects of tobacco control policies, including youth access laws, youth possession laws, and harm reduction policies.


Smoking cessation methods and programs

This program includes research to develop and evaluate cessation services and programs for smokers in general and for specific population subgroups.