Advocacy for low survival cancers

Thursday 9 April, 2020

Cancer Council Victoria coordinates the Low Survival Cancers Alliance. This group of 11 community and not-for-profit organisations are advocating for increased research funding into cancers with low survival rates;

We define low survival cancers as those with five-year survival ≤ 50%.

  • In 2018, 35,203 Victorians were diagnosed with cancer and 11,134 died from cancer.
  • Low survival cancers are responsible for half of all cancer deaths in Victoria
  • In 2018, of all Victorians diagnosed with cancer, 1 in 8 were diagnosed with a low survival cancer
  • Cancers with the lowest five-year survival rates remain liver (23%), lung (21%), cancer of unknown primary (13%), pancreas (11%) and mesothelioma (6%)

The Alliance has made important submissions to the Medical Research Future Fund and the Senate Select Committee into Funding for Research into Cancers with low survival rates, advocating for increased funding into low survival cancers research. Research into low survival cancers received a boost in 2018, with $2.5 million from the Victorian Government and Cancer Council Victoria to investigate cancers with a five-year survival of less than 50%. In 2019 Cancer Council Victoria partnered with Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to jointly fund vital research into ovarian cancer.

The Alliance will continue to undertake advocacy initiatives to improve funding for low survival cancers.

For more information about the Alliance please contact