Advocacy for low survival cancers

Monday 14 August, 2017

The Clinical Network coordinates the Low Survival Cancers Alliance. This group of 13 community and not-for-profit organisations are advocating for increased funding to research into cancers with low survival rates; 

We define low survival cancers as those with five year survival ≤ 30%.

  • In 2015, 31,628 Victorians were diagnosed with cancer and 10,937 died from cancer.
  • Over the last five years 48.5% of total cancer deaths in Victoria resulted from low survival cancers. 
  • 1 in five Victorians were diagnosed with low survival cancers in 2015.

The Alliance have undertaken a number of activities including submissions for the Medical Research Future Fund and for the Select Committee into Funding for Research into Cancers with Low Survival Rates. This Select committee was established in 2016 to inquire and report on the impact of health research funding models on the availability of funding for research into cancers with low survival rates. The submission included information from a 2016 survey the alliance coordinated of Victorian clinicians and researchers on the barriers to undertaking research on low survival cancers. 

The Alliance will continue to undertake advocacy initiatives to improve funding for low survival cancers.