Victorian Cancer Registry 101

Thursday 2 August, 2012

We recenty held an information session on the Victorian Cancer Registry (VCR).

Helen Ferrugia, Director of the Victorian Cancer Registry covered

  • how the Registry was set up and currently operates,
  • the data subsets available to clinicians and researchers and
  • the process for accessing data from the VCR. 

She also spoke about record linkage and gave examples of publications using VCR data. 

PDFDownload Helen's Victorian Cancer Registry Presentation (1mb)

Prof John Hopper, Director of the Centre for Molecular Environmental Genetic & Analytic Epidemiology at the School of Population Health, University of Melbourne also presented on his experiences working with the VCR, in particular working on the Australian Breast Cancer Family Registry and the international Australasian Colorectal Cancer Family Study and how working with the registy to obtain data for these projects had been integral to their success.

PDFDownload John Hopper's Presentation on working with the Registry (271kb)

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