Evaluation of the Food Fight Campaign

Tuesday 13 December, 2022

Thanks to your support, over 10,000 Victorians have engaged with Food Fight since the campaign launched in March 2022. Comparing pre- and post-campaign survey results, our evaluation has found that Food Fight helped increase Victorian parents’ (of children aged 0-13) understanding of and concern about the pervasive marketing of unhealthy food advertising to children.

Key evaluation findings include:

• Food Fight increased parent’s awareness that what children eat and drink is influenced by unhealthy food and drink advertising (77% pre-campaign to 84% post-campaign)

• The campaign also increased their awareness that the processed food industry targets children with unhealthy food and drink advertising (73% pre-campaign to 82% post-campaign)

• Food Fight increased belief among Victorian parents that governments play a role in ensuring children are not exposed to unhealthy food and drink advertising near schools (72% pre-campaign to 80% post-campaign)

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