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Meet Asherly, Food Fight Advocate

Asherly, Melbourne mum of four, used her story to express concerns about unhealthy food and drink ads in her community and their effect on her children.

Asherly, Food Fight Advocate

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Who can be an advocate?

If you are a parent, public health expert, or community member who is living in Victoria and wants to make a difference – we want to collaborate with you! Together, we can stop the processed food industry from advertising their products where our kids commute, learn and play.

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Everyone has a story to tell. Join our community of people using theirs to help protect Victorian kids from unhealthy food and drink advertising on public transport and around schools.

From speaking with the media about your concerns to helping us raise awareness through our website or social media, there are many ways you can use your voice to help advocate for change!

Please fill in the form to register your interest. We will be in touch to discuss it further. Your story would only be shared after seeking your consent for use or participation in campaign activities. We appreciate your support!

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