What would you do to fight cancer?

Wednesday 1 February, 2012


What would you do to help fight cancer?

My name is Bridgette Owens and I shaved my head for breast cancer awareness.

I did this because a family friend was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier on in the year. I had a night where 150 people watched me get my head shaved. And at the moment there's over eight and a half thousand dollars raised, towards cancer.

My name's Kate Bonzer. When my friend Rae was diagnosed with cancer I decided to run a charity ball. We called it Tuxedo Junction. We've had five of them now. And we've now raised four hundred and thirty thousand dollars for Cancer Council Victoria.

My name's Tom Weller, and i organised a fundraising bike ride to ride from Adelaide to Melbourne, dressed as the tortoise and the hare with my cousin David and my best mate, Scott.

It goes to the Cancer Council because my cousin David and I lost our grandfather to cancer over 15 years ago. The event in total raised over fourteen thousand dollars.

My name is Marie Kant, and I'm a member of the group called the Time Steppers. We do small concerts at nursing homes, and pretty much wherever they'll have us.

We've been doing that now for eighteen years and by the end of this year we will have raised $60,000 dollars.

My name is Mark Silver. My wife of nineteen years passed away. She contracted cancer... or she was diagnosed with cancer about a month after my daughter was born. Myself and friends decided to have a fundraiser morning tea and various other fundraising activities. In total we raised about thirty eight thousand dollars for the Cancer Council for their research.

So what will you do?

I will... do a fun run... shave my head... climb a mountain... cook a feast...