Christian Cousins melanoma fighter

Monday 21 January, 2013



Christian: Flynn, he does stress and worry that when I do go to hospital, I won't come home. He misses me and he cries and he gets upset when I'm in hospital. Um, but every time I've come home, haven't I?

Yep. Take your finger out. Smile at the camera. Cheeky chops.

It all started in '99 where I had a mole on my hip that went a bit funny. And that's when they first told me that it was melanoma.

It didn't really hit me I suppose, until I had a family, the consequences of it.

I've had about 12 or 13 surgeries. You know you go to a hospital too much when you walk in the door and you see nurses and they recognise you and say hello and they know your name.

"Oh, Hi Christian how are you?"

"Yeah, good thanks."

Professor Jonathon Cebon, Head of Oncology, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research:
We've been working with melanoma for many years now and for a long time there was nothing much that made any difference.

These days there are new medications that are really making a huge difference in the treatment of the disease. Each research discovery builds on the shoulders of the research discoveries that came before.

And what that means I think is that there's an accelerating rate of discovery. And that's going to create opportunities. You know, many of which we can't anticipate, but which are coming faster and faster as time goes on.

Christian: I've got a 5-year-old, a 2-year-old and a six-month-old. If I do lose the battle then they've got to go on after that.

That's the biggest fear I suppose, for me. Is that I'm not going to get to see my kids grow up or get married or have their own kids. And that's what I live for.

Without the research, without people trying to find cures for this, more people are going to die. And they're not going to get closer to a cure. They're not going to get a way to be able to save more families from heartache.

So you've got a chance to help so many families and so many people if one day we can have something there that's going to stop it. That's going to kill it. It's going to get rid of it. And that's what we need. So we need people to dig deep and help out.

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Christian continues to fight his battle with cancer.
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