VCR interactive data cube

The Victorian Cancer Registry has collected details of all cancers diagnosed in Victoria since 1982. Hospitals, pathology laboratories and cancer screening registers are obliged under the Improving Cancer Outcomes Act 2014 (Vic) to notify each cancer diagnosis to the Victorian Cancer Registry (on behalf of the Secretary to the Department of Health & Human Services) and this information is collated for use in cancer prevention, control and treatment.

The VCR Data Cube allows users to obtain summary statistics about cancer incidence and mortality in Victoria in a variety of table and graph formats. The data that are available include cancer incidence and mortality for Victoria by type of cancer, age group, sex, year of diagnosis, international region of birth and region of residence within Victoria.

The User Guide is intended to help you navigate the Data Cube.

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VCR Data Cube

Interactive reports using latest statistics from the Victoria Cancer Registry.
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VCR publications and annual reports

Including statistical reports on trends in cancer presentation, incidence, survival and mortality.
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