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Legal and governance framework

We abide by legislation governing what data is collected, how it is collected and stored, and how people can access our data.

Legislation applicable to the VCR

We abide by legislation governing:

  1. what data is collected
  2. how it is collected and stored
  3. how people with cancer can access the data we capture on them
  4. how data is released. 

We are governed by the following Victorian legislation:

  • The Improving Cancer Outcomes Act 2014  
    • This legislation provides instruction on the data to be collected by us. Collection of this information does not require patient consent. This Act also regulates the circumstances in which data may use and disclose health information. We may release information:
      • with the consent of the individual, or if the individual is deceased-the individual’s legal representative (for example, the next of kin)
      • if the information is used or disclosed in accordance with established Health Privacy Principles set out in the Health Records Act 2001.
  • The Improving Cancer Outcomes (Diagnosis reporting) Regulations 2015
    • This legislation outlines who is required to report and what information they must provide to us.  The Act states that data may be used for medical research or the administration of cancer related public health programs.
  • The Health Records Act 2001
    • This legislation protects the privacy of individuals' health information. It regulates the collection and handling of health information by us. The Act gives individuals a legally enforceable right of access to the information held on them by the private and public sector.
  • The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic)
    • This legislation is applicable to people requesting information:
      • without the consent of a person
      • if the request is not specific to a particular individual, or
      • if the request is for an alternate purpose to those set out in section 15 of the Improving Cancer Outcomes Act 2014 .    
    • For advice on whether a request for information should be processed under the Freedom of Information Act, please contact the Department of Health and Human Services via email on

We are governed by the following Commonwealth legislation:

  • The Privacy Act 1988 covers the handling of the personal health identifiers (Medicare number) captured by us.

Governance framework

We are assisted in defining our strategic direction by a Strategic Advisory Group (SAG).  If you need to, you can refer to the SAG - terms of reference (PDF) for this membership.


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