Education & training

Cancer Council Victoria offers three key training programs for health professionals:
  • Two facilitator training programs that allow you to co-facilitate in your health service, information and supportive care programs to people affected by cancer: the Living with Cancer Education Program (LWCEP) and Wellness and Life After Cancer (WALAC) about survivorship. Together, these form our Cancer Education Programs
  • The Victorian Cancer Clinicians Communication Program (VCCCP): a communication skills program that enables you to discuss difficult cancer-related issues more effectively

Cancer Education Programs

Research indicates that group-based cancer education programs can help develop resilience and improve communication with loved ones. People who are well-informed about cancer and cancer management also tend to be more confident when dealing with their health care providers.

Our group-based supportive care programs help those affected by cancer, their friends and families to make sense of cancer and treatment, and to ease the transition into survivorship. Living with Cancer Education Programs and Wellness and Life after Cancer programs are offered in hospitals and clinics across Victoria by health professionals who have been trained as facilitators and are working with people affected by cancer.

Living with Cancer Education Program (LWCEP)

This is a Cancer Council Victoria program developed to support people diagnosed with cancer, their families and friends. It is a facilitated group program that provides information and the opportunity for discussion. The program can be offered as a one day, two week or four week program and is run by health professionals trained and supported by Cancer Council Victoria.

Wellness and Life after Cancer (WALAC) program

This is a Cancer Council Victoria program developed to support people affected by cancer who have completed active treatment, and their friends and families. It provides the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the difficulties in transitioning from treatment to survivorship. Trained facilitators can deliver the program as an information seminar, education forum or small group workshop.

Victorian Cancer Clinicians Communication Program (VCCCP)

This program enhances your communication skills and improves your resilience, enabling you to discuss difficult cancer-related issues more effectively.

Clinical consultation skills webinar: Communication and optimal cancer care

This webinar brought together a panel of clinician educators and communication in healthcare experts to discuss effective communication and how it relates to fostering healing relationships and patient-centred care.

Advance Care Planning webinars

This webinar brought together a panel of lawyers, a palliative care physician, and advance care planning program leads to discuss the importance of advance care planning and clinical implications of recent changes to advance care planning laws in Victoria.


Updated: 23 Mar, 2017