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Hundreds of women and people with a cervix use this website's clinic directory every week to:

  • Locate their nearest Cervical Screening Test provider by postcode or suburb
  • Find a clinic with a female GP or nurse
  • Search by language spoken
  • Search for practices with disability access

Please support us by providing or updating your clinic's details, to make sure every Victorian woman and person with a cervix has accurate information about where they can access this life-saving test.

Is your practice ready to offer your patients self-collected cervical screening?

Cancer Council Victoria has updated this form so that women and people with a cervix can find cervical screening providers who are ready to offer self-collection. If your practice is ready, make sure you update your details below. 

What does self-collect ready look like?

Check your local pathology laboratory can process self-collected samples  Check your practice is ready to promote and offer self-collection 

Contact your local pathology laboratory to: 

  • confirm that they can process self-collected vaginal samples, or are able to send them on to a laboratory that can  

  • order the correct collection device and other consumables, and  

  • confirm any collection, handling and transport requirements. 

Ensure all practice staff (including reception staff) are aware of: 

  • appointment times and billing policy 

  • who can order, oversee and facilitate self-collection tests   

  • how results will be followed up. 

Clinicians overseeing cervical screening should be aware of test eligibility and processes, including when patients are not eligible for self-collection. 

You can find more education and resources on self-collection for health professionals on the ACPCC website. 

If you have any queries, please email or phone 1800 111 255.

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