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1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed with cancer by age 85.
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Cancer, COVID-19 + You
2022 Research

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The Cancer, COVID-19 + You research was conducted in 2022 to capture peoples’ experiences of cancer care during the pandemic. We heard directly from a wide variety of people and health professionals from across the state which allowed us to identify and respond to unmet needs.

We found that the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the cancer experience in Victoria.

The pandemic has exposed and deepened existing gaps in cancer care, particularly for those already experiencing disadvantage.

Now is the time for the Victorian Government, the healthcare sector and cancer organisations to take these learnings and actively work with people affected by cancer to improve treatment and care in the future.

The report outlines the following:

  • Treatment and care were impacted
  • Emotional and mental health supports were lacking
  • Navigating the cancer system was hard
  • Visitor restrictions saw people go through difficult times alone
  • The pandemic compounded financial distress 
  • Telehealth is efficient, but isn’t always suitable
  • Cancer information and communication was inadequate 
  • Most people unaware of clinical trials
  • Regional Victorians struggled with cost and navigation 
  • Migrants and refugees lacked culturally responsive care
  • Recommendations


“There was an enormous amount of fear. There was an enormous amount of anxiety. There was an enormous about of uncertainty."
Rose, cancer patient during COVID-19

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