Work Placement Opportunities

 “Undertaking a work placement with Cancer Council Victoria enabled me to apply my skills and knowledge to a real life project. Throughout my time at Cancer Council I gained new experience and skills from leading industry professionals”

Cancer Council Victoria’s commitment  

Cancer Council Victoria is committed to creating and sustaining a work environment that reflects our values of Excellence, Integrity and Compassion. We aim to provide placement opportunities that promote learning, growth and development for our organisation and the wider community.

As an organisation, we acknowledge that with collaboration across our organisation and with the broader community, we can generate invaluable outcomes in Cancer Research, Support and Prevention and specifically in achieving our mission, Prevent Cancer, Empower Patients and Save Lives.

We are committed to creating valuable experiences for work placement participants, which facilitate development of key skills and knowledge, and address learning outcomes and course requirements. We pledge to create a positive, welcoming and equitable work environment that recognises the value of participants’ contributions.

What placements can we offer?

Cancer Council Victoria is a peak body in Cancer research, prevention and support, globally. We contribute to reducing the impact of cancer through the diverse work and services we undertake.

Cancer Council Victoria can accommodate placements in a wide variety of fields, including:

  • Cancer Epidemiology research
  • Behavioural Science research
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Cancer Support
  • Legal Services (Commercial)
  • Law and cancer prevention and treatment
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Human Resources and Business

How do you get started?

Course Required Placement

If you are a current tertiary student interested in gaining academic credit by undertaking a work placement with us, please contact your tertiary institution with your expression of interest. Cancer Council Victoria coordinates placements directly through tertiary institutions.

Professional Industry Experience

If you are interested in gaining professional industry experience independent of student course requirements, you may find current opportunities advertised on your university or industry association’s website. Cancer Council Victoria follows the same application, screening and interview process for work placement students as we do for paid opportunities. We encourage you to apply for our currently advertised positions.

For universities

What actions should you take if you are a university wanting to arrange placements?

If you are a tertiary institution interested in partnering with Cancer Council Victoria, please contact us at and provide the following details:

  • Tertiary contact details (phone and email)
  • Course for which the placement is being organised 
  • Placement duration/ required hours
  • Placement cycles (start dates and end dates)

Cancer Council will add your tertiary institutions details to our central directory, and if a suitable placement opportunity arises we will contact you based on the details provided.