Centre for Behavioural
Research in Cancer

Alcohol harm reduction advertisements sponsored by the alcohol industry

This project will investigate the performance of television advertisements made by alcohol industry-funded Social Aspects Public Relations Organisations (SAPROs) such as Drinkwise in Australia and Drinkaware in the UK. The study will investigate public awareness of such organisations and factors that relate to more positive appraisal. The study will also compare SAPRO-sponsored advertisements with public health-sponsored advertisements.

CBRC staff

Dr Emily Brennan, Dr Sarah Durkin, Prof Melanie Wakefield, Kimberley Dunstone, Dr Danielle Schoenaker, Dr Helen Dixon


Prof Simone Pettigrew (Curtin University), Prof David Jernigan (John Hopkins University, USA), Prof Michael Slater (Ohio State University, USA)


Cancer Council Victoria


2015 - present