Drink Less, Live More

Drink less, live more YouTube video

You probably know that smoking or spending too long in the sun can cause cancer. But drinking alcohol? It might surprise you to know this link was first found more than 30 years ago.

Yet, research from our Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer finds that the majority of Australians are unaware that alcohol causes cancer. And fewer than one in five of us are aware it could cause breast cancer.

Our graphic new campaign, Drink Less, Live More, outlines how alcohol makes its way through the body, damaging the healthy cells it passes along the way.

The campaign has been commissioned for use by Cancer Council Victoria in an effort to reveal just what all that booze is actually doing to our bodies.

The average Australian who drinks alcohol consumes 12.0L of pure alcohol a year. That’s equivalent to more than 270 stubbies, 45 bottles of wine, 20 bottles of cider, 4 bottles of spirits, and 35 premixed drinks.

By exposing the devastating link between alcohol and cancer, we hope to help Australians make more informed choices about what they drink. These webpages offer a range of hints and tips about how to cut out drinking alcoholic beverages and ways to work out how much alcohol is in your booze.