Drinking alcohol when you have cancer

It is important to note that messages aimed at preventing cancer aren’t always the same for those going through or recovering from cancer treatment. 

Cancer Council Victoria offers a range of services to support people affected by cancer, including their family, friends and carers. You can:

Drinking alcohol while undergoing chemotherapy

It is best to check with your health care team about whether it is safe to drink alcohol during or immediately following chemotherapy treatment. The doctors and nurses administering the treatment will be able to give specific advice about whether it is safe to consume alcohol while undergoing specific cancer treatments.

Alcohol advice for cancer survivors

Limiting alcohol may decrease the risk of cancer recurrence. This is because alcohol not only is a risk factor for some cancers, including breast and bowel, but it also contributes to weight gain. Excess weight is linked to poor health including cancer. Keeping to a healthy weight is an important part of maintaining overall health. Check out our tips to reduce your drinking.

Cancer education programs

We offer face-to-face, free education programs to assist people affected by cancer. Whether you are  living with cancer, or hoping to learn more about  wellness and life after cancer, these programs aim to provide you with simple, easy-to-implement information and support, and to help you connect with others in a similar situation. 

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Questions about cancer?

Call or email our experienced cancer nurses for information and support.

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