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1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed with cancer by age 85.
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Cancer Council Victoria is the largest not-for-profit funder of cancer research in Victoria.

While cancer research has come a long way, there is still much to discover about the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.  

We want to partner with you to invest in innovative research to make global breakthroughs in our understanding of what causes cancer so we can better protect people against it.  We will invest in high-risk, high-reward research and the next generation of cancer researchers.

Australian Breakthrough Cancer study

The Australian Breakthrough Cancer (ABC) Study is working with 52,000 Australian residents to investigate the causes of cancer and other diseases.

Using the latest technologies, the study will investigate the role that our genes, lifestyle and environment play in the development of disease. By more accurately predicting cancer risk based on an individual’s genetic profile and lifestyle we will be able to deliver more personalised health advice and better targeted public health messages.

For more information, ABC Study factsheet (PDF).

Venture Grants

The Venture Grants program is pushing the boundaries of cancer research with innovation and imagination.

Breakthroughs in treatment and prevention will take the brightest cancer researchers with courageous ideas who are willing to push the boundaries of conventional thinking. It will take new and creative approaches and build upon decades of cancer research. It will take collaboration and new technologies.

Launched in 2006, previous rounds of Venture Grants have been successful incubators of early research ideas, allowing projects to develop from proof of concept into mature projects eligible for conventional funding.

For more information, head over to our Venture Grants section or download our Venture Grants factsheet.

Funding the brightest research

Every day we’re investing in life-saving research to give you and your loved ones the best chance of surviving cancer.

Through our Grants-In-Aid research grants program, we invest in breakthroughs in cancer treatment and care by funding research projects that demonstrate excellence in universities, hospitals and medical institutes across the Victoria.

Every year we award 11 new Grant-In-Aid grants each year with projects receiving $100,000 per annum for us to 3 years.

Each project is selected via a rigorous application and selection process including evaluation by our Standing Research Committee and Medical and Scientific Committee. This process of review and evaluation ensures that the research projects with the greatest potential of breakthroughs receives funding.

Supporting young researchers

Victoria has some of the brightest and best early-career cancer researchers in the world. By investing in early career researchers, we are helping to launch a young person’s career and help the future of cancer research.

Summer Vacation Studentships – Summer Vacation Studentships are available to undergraduate university students about to enter their final year of study. Designed to stimulate an interest in cancer research, Studentships run for a maximum of 6 weeks and provide students with an opportunity to receive hands on experience working in the field.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships – Our Postdoctoral Fellowships provide scientists who have recently completed a PhD with support for an additional year of research. This helps to bridge the gap between a young researcher completing their PhD and beginning their career. It’s about investing in young researchers who are shaping how we prevent, detect and treat cancer.

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If you're passionate about a specific cancer type, contact us at 03 9514 6159 or philanthropy@cancervic.org.au to discuss other types of research funded or conducted by Cancer Council Victoria.