Telephone support groups

An older woman speaking on a phone

Telephone support groups provide a chance to connect with others over the phone, just like being in a face-to-face support group, but from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you, your family or friends find it difficult to travel to a support group meeting, or have more specific needs related to your cancer diagnosis or stage, you can share your thoughts and experiences with others in the same boat through a phone support group.

Each group is professionally facilitated and has three to seven members, meeting twice monthly at set times. Participation is free and available throughout Australia.

For more details, contact, call 1300 755 632 or view the telephone support groups calendar.

Current groups:

  • Advanced cancer
  • Brain tumour
  • Carers' group
  • Life after loss (bereavement)
  • Myeloma
  • Pancreatic cancer.
"The group encouraged me to talk through my fears – I'd been trying not to scare my wife and kids! I don’t think I would’ve made it through such a difficult time without their support."
– Brian, 62, Lung cancer patient and Lung Cancer Telephone Support Group member


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