Financial support referrals

Cancer Council Victoria offers a wide range of information and support services to people affected by cancer. Visit Cancer information, Support services and Living with cancer for details of other ways to assist your clients.

Pro bono services

Cancer Council Victoria offers four pro bono services for people affected by cancer:

  • Legal Referral Service
  • Financial Planning Service
  • Workplace Advisory Service
  • Small Business Advice Service

These four programs rely on services donated by lawyers, financial planners and human resources professionals. Eligibility criteria apply and all patients are means tested. When you refer a client into the service, a case manager based at Cancer Council NSW will call the client requesting further details including some financial information to determine eligibility.

Who is eligible?
  • Cancer patients, carers and bereaved carers (clients)
  • The issue must be related to/harder to solve because of a cancer diagnosis (Some connection to the diagnosis is needed. For example divorce would not be covered.)
  • Except in exceptional circumstances, clients can not be accessing the services of a lawyer for the same issue eg.
    The program can't be accessed for a second opinion.
  • For free assistance, clients must be unable to pay. Examples of those who would usually qualify are:
    • People on a Centrelink allowance
    • Those who have experienced loss of income, are eligible for public housing, have large debts etc.

Following confirmation of eligibility, clients are matched to a professional. If possible, this will be in their local area.

Referring clients
  • Health professionals, case workers or community workers can refer clients to Cancer Council Victoria
  • Send the referral form directly to Cancer Council Pro Bono Programs by fax on (02) 8302 3520 or email to
  • Clients can self-refer by calling Cancer Council on 13 11 20
  • Please don't call firms directly - Cancer Council needs to manage the referral process for quality assurance purposes

If you have any questions regarding the programs, please call 13 11 20.


Financial Assistance Program (FAP)

Cancer Council Victoria’s Financial Assistance Program (FAP) supports eligible patients who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of their cancer diagnosis, through the provision of a small, one-off grant to help with living expenses.

Applications must be completed by a health professional. 

To find out more contact a cancer nurse on 13 11 20 .