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Cancer clinical trials

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Victorian Cancer Trials Link is here to provide information about clinical trials and practical support for people considering participating in a trial.

What is a cancer clinical trial?

A cancer clinical trial is a research study that examines if new ways of preventing, screening for, diagnosing or treating cancer work better than what is currently being used and is safe. Most clinical trials in Victoria are treatment trials.

Cancer researchers recruit volunteers to participate in clinical trials to test how well new approaches work and to see if there are any problems or side effects.

If the new way is proven to provide a better outcome for people, it may become the standard of care for people with cancer in the future.

Supporting clinical trials information

Eligibility and what to expect

How to enter a trial, and what comes next. Read more

Types of clinical trials

Understanding the different types of clinical trials. Read more

Phases of clinical trials

Learn more about the different phases of a trial. Read more

Myths and misconceptions

Busting some common misunderstandings. Read more

Questions to ask your doctor

It’s always best to chat to your doctor about whether clinical trials is right for you. Read more


Connected care closer to home. Read more

Key questions about clinical trials

Answers to commonly asked questions about clinical trials. Read more

Get support

Access our information and support services. Read more
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Get support

Like with any cancer treatment, you may find during your cancer clinical trials that you have questions, need further information and support or even want to talk to someone who has been through a similar trials experience (peer support).

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Call or email our experienced cancer nurses for information and support.

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