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Culturally diverse communities

Victoria is one of the most culturally diverse states in Australia and we are committed to achieving our mission in culturally diverse communities. The 2016 Australian Census shows Victorians:

  • come from more than 200 countries
  • speak more than 300 diverse languages, and
  • follow over 130 religious faiths. 

Over a quarter of Victorians were born overseas and nearly half were either born overseas or have a parent born overseas (Census, 2016).

Approximately 22% of all cancer diagnoses in Victoria are in people born in non-English speaking countries. Prostate, bowel, breast and lung are the top four cancers in every major migrant group as well as for people who are Australian-born. There were 151,641 cancers diagnosed in Victoria in 2011–2015, with 30% of these in Victorians born overseas (Victorian Cancer Registry, 2017).

People from culturally and linguistically diverse communities face numerous challenges in cancer prevention, screening and early diagnosis, as well as access to appropriate treatment. Some of the challenges are language barriers and lack of familiarity with the Australian health system.


Cultural Diversity Plan

Cancer Council Victoria’s Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2022 – 2023 has three outcome areas:

Outcome 1: Equitable, accessible, and responsive information, services and programs

Outcome 2: A workforce that reflects and supports our diverse and inclusive culture

Outcome 3: Measuring our impact

  Cover of Cultural Diversity Plan

MOU with Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria 

Cancer Council Victoria signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria in 2014 to work together in preventing cancer in Victoria's multicultural communities.

Download the MOU with Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria.

  MOU cover


Bilingual Health Facilitators

The Cancer Council Victoria Cultural Diversity Program has employed Bilingual Health Facilitators in a range of languages to promote cancer prevention and Quit Victoria messages to CALD community groups. These messages are delivered through community engagement activities (e.g. Relay for Life) and ethnic media.

Programs and resources

Cancer Council Victoria offers a range of programs and resources to culturally and linguistically diverse communities. To find out more, visit the links below:

Contact us

If you would like to give us any feedback or more information about cultural diversity at Cancer Council Victoria, or provide feedback on our website, please email