Point of sale advertising & promotion

Lead researcher

Melanie Wakefield, Daniella Germain, Sarah Durkin, Molly McCarthy

Years funded
2005 to present

This program of research is examining the extent of tobacco advertising and promotion at the point of sale and the impact of such marketing strategies on smoking-related perceptions and intensions of adult smokers and youth. 

An initial experimental study assessed the effects on schoolchildren of viewing a photograph of a point of sale n a typical milk bar that showed cigarette advertising and a cigarette display, a cigarette display only and a point of sale without these promotional features. 

Subsequent  studies have used the Victorian population survey to examine the reported uses of point of sale tobacco information among smokers, the reported impact of cigarette displays or urge to purchase cigarettes among smokers and recent quitters and the relationship between smoker sensitivity to point of sale displays and quitting in a cohort study. 

Current research is examining the extent of brand promotion and price discounting for selected cigarette brands across different regions of metropolitan Melbourne, with the aim of relating this to smoking among Melbournian secondary school students.

Contact:  Melanie Wakefield at cbrc@cancervic.org.au

Publications:  Point of sale advertising and promotion

Funding Body

Quit Victoria; National Heart Foundation (Victorian Division); Cancer Council Victoria