Meeting the needs of men with prostate cancer using a consumer-driven multidisciplinary care approach

Lead researcher

Dr Penelope Schofield, Professor Rob Sanson-Fisher (NSW) , Professor Sanchia Aranda

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Years funded

This study will test an innovative approach to multidisciplinary care (MDC) for men with early stage prostate cancer using a randomised controlled trial. MDC refers to care involving a range of disciplines such as medicine, nursing, chaplaincy, social work, psychology and physiotherapy.

The intervention approach involves a combination of individual and group-based consultations and will provide a new model of care for patients with chronic diseases that can be immediately translated into practice.

The MDC intervention uses consumer involvement to tailor the MDC plan to meet each individual's physical, psychosocial and informational needs. This pilot study will involve the development of the intervention and conducting a pilot randomised controlled trial where men with prostate cancer will be assigned to receiving the MDC intervention or usual care.

They will then be followed up three times over six months. This novel MDC approach will be judged to be worthy of further testing if the pilot data indicates it is potentially effective in reducing the psychological and physical burden of disease and is cost-efficient.

Award / Duration

Research Grant: 2006-07