Identifying drug targets for childhood leukaemia

Lead researcher

Dr Matthew McCormack, Dr Stephen Jane , Dr David Curtis

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Years funded

SCL and Lmo2 are two proteins which cause leukaemia. It is thought that they must bind to each other to do so. To test this, we will cause leukaemia in mice using Lmo2, then remove SCL and observe whether the leukaemia is cured. We will then examine which parts of the SCL protein are needed to bind to Lmo2 and cause leukaemia. This will identify regions that can be targets for anti-leukaemic drugs.

Scientific description

Analysis of the interaction of the T-cell oncoproteins Sc1 and Lmo2 as a therapeutic target for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Funding Body

Cancer Council Research Grant

Award / Duration

Research Grant: 2005-2007