Effects of plain packaging on perceptions of brand image

Lead researcher

Melanie Wakefield, Sarah Durkin, Daniella Germain

Years funded
2007 to present

This series of experimental studies is examining how plainer packaging of cigarettes influences perceptions of cigarette brands among adult smokers and youth. 

Two completed studies have demonstrated that, compared to current branded cigarette packs, packs that displayed progressively fewer branding design elements were perceived more unfavourably by adult smokers and adolescents in terms of appraisals of the packs, the smokers who might smoke such packs, and the inferred sensory experience of smoking a cigarette from these packs. 

Current studies aim to assess the effects of plain vs branded packaging and current vs larger graphic health warnings on consumers' appraisals.

Contact:  Melanie Wakefield at cbrc@cancervic.rorg.au

Publications: Effects of plain packaging on perceptions of brand image

Funding Body

Quit Victoria; National Health & Medical Research project grant